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February 23, 2024

Southwest Florida Mortgage Rates

what to expect in 2024

Happy Friday, southwest Floridians! A hot topic among those looking to enter the housing market is: are mortgage rates going down? This is especially pertinent in our vibrant and dynamic Southwest Florida real estate scene. Let’s explore current trends and what future rates might look like in our region.

The Rollercoaster Nobody Wants To Ride

Mortgage rates have seen significant fluctuations nationally, and Southwest Florida is no exception. After enjoying historically low rates, there has been a gradual uptick, largely driven by inflation and the broader economic recovery. Peaking last winter, we've watched what seems to be the slow downward trend we're all hoping for, but over the past couple of weeks it's been a roller coaster. When the Fed decides to get out of its own way, what can we expect for our area?

Local and National Effects

For Cape Coral and surrounding regions, the local real estate market offers unique insights. As we approach spring, traditionally a high-demand period, we might see the housing supply tighten, potentially driving up prices. For those considering a home purchase in Southwest Florida, acting now could be advantageous. Beating the rise in prices means even greater savings in the future when a refinance opportunity presents itself!

On a national level, mortgage rates are influenced by broader economic conditions and Federal Reserve policies. The Fed’s measures to control inflation often involve adjusting the Fed Funds Rate, which in turn, impacts mortgage rates. With recent indications of a cautious approach to rate cuts, we may see a stabilization or slight decrease in rates.

For our Southwest Florida community, this means being proactive and informed. While the future of mortgage rates carries some uncertainty, the present offers strategic opportunities for homebuyers. At Caritas Mortgage Group, we are committed to guiding you through these market dynamics, ensuring you find a mortgage plan that aligns with your goals in the beautiful Southwest Florida region.


Mortgage Market Analyst